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Who Made Evanston Made?

Gay Riseborough authored a fantastic profile of me, focusing on my community art building projects since moving to Evanston - specifically Evanston Made!

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Seriously Badass Women Interview by Shannon Downey

Thrilled to be featured in Shannon Downey's Seriously Badass Women network. This profile allows me to wax poetic about my passions and provide context around the obsessive and often silo-work I do for Evanston Made and The Lisa D Show Podcast

Thank you photographer Jamie Kelter Davis for the amazing portrait taken in the One River School lobby in Downtown Evanston.

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Dear Artists Podcast

 Interview by Benz Amataya

Thanks to artist Laurie Kwo, I was connected to Benz Amataya. Benz is a self-trained visual artist who offers a program that helps authentically connect artists with their practice. She's very influenced by Open Studio Project in Evanston and offers classes online at Her podcast Dear Artists, invites artists to talk about their practices in a loving way!


Lisa Degliantoni is a community arts advocate and founder of Evanston Made.

Over the past 8 years she has been building community and celebrating creatives artists. She is also a host of the Lisa D Show Podcast where she interviews artists and creatives in her hometown of Evanston,

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The Check Out w Jill Schacter, Evanston Public Library Podcast

How exciting to be interviewed by Jill Schacter with the Evanston Public Library on Episode 2 of The Check Out Podcast.

"Most folks know Lisa Degliantoni as “Lisa D.” She has made waves in the Evanston art community from the minute she arrived here from Texas and established her home and accompanying art gallery in a former Polish Meat Shop, 1100 Florence Gallery. We talk about how she worked to galvanize the energy of Evanston artists, organize the scene through Evanston Made, and encourage residents to #collectevanstonart through greater awareness, openings and studio tours. Check out Evanston Made at"

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Evanston RoundTable

Interview by Victoria Scott 

Evanston's beloved free weekly newspaper Evanston RoundTable went online this year, 100% digital! Fortunately for me, I was interviewed in person by Victoria Scott, an intrepid reporter who interviewed me for several hours. Grateful for her curiosity about my community arts building! Photo by Joerg Metzner with Picturing Evanston. 


Lisa Degliantoni, a San Francisco native and founder of the arts organization Evanston Made, says she loves everything about Evanston except its topography. While she has not found a way to affect the contours of the local landscape since arriving here seven years ago, she has moved mountains to effect change in the arts community.

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