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Seriously Badass Women

Thrilled to be featured in Shannon Downey's Seriously Badass Women network. This profile allows me to wax poetic about my passions and provide context around the obsessive and often silo-work I do for Evanston Made and The Lisa D Show Podcast

Thank you photographer Jamie Kelter Davis for the amazing portrait taken in the One River School lobby in Downtown Evanston.

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Meet Lisa Degliantoni

Lisa is a community arts advocate and passionate Community Arts Builder in Evanston. Initiatives and work include; Director of One River School of Art + Design Evanston, Curator and Founder of 1100 Florence Gallery, Founder of Evanston Made and Host of The Lisa D Show Podcast.




What do you know for sure? Talking to one another, sharing stories and personal truths, is the solution to end all conflict and solve all problems. It’s sounds so trite but getting to know your neighbor, block by block is how we survive and excel at community building and quality of life.


What inspires you? I LOVE seeing the results of human effort for change. Anytime the results of a large group of people coming together to make a thing happen goes live, I just want to burst.


What do you think about when you are alone? What I’m going to eat next, a fun vacation I went on or am planning and parties I am going to host. But when I dig a little deeper, I think about how to get humans to engage with one another and share their stories in meaningful ways; as I’ve aged, I’ve narrowed it down to just how to get creatives to engage with other humans. How to build connections between creatives in Evanston and the community at large. I’m obsessed with the human engagement puzzle and I go down rabbit holes researching how other people do it. And then I wonder why isn’t everyone is obsessed with this? Then I move on to food, travel and parties. It’s a pretty vicious cycle.

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