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Thank you for visiting my personal website. This website is designed to introduce you to my myriad interests, career experiences and the chance to reach me directly.

Evidenced in the images on my homepage, I am passionate about building community and celebrating creatives; I believe that every creative needs a fan (wind beneath their wings) to keep them laser focused on forward motion & I am convinced the world needs creatives to thrive & I partner with people to move them from vision boards to measurable and executable deliverables.

I currently live in the West Village of Evanston, IL, in a former Polish Meat Shop (see 1100florence.com) with my husband visual artist Dave Ford, two sons (who I frequently refer to as "roommates" in conversation), an a-hole free-range bunny rabbit, one gerbil, one beta fish and four chickens!

Photograph taken by Jamie Davis with Seriously Badass Women