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By far one of the most rewarding initiatives I have undertaken, my work as the Founder of Evanston Made has connected me with creatives in my community. 


Started as a artist studio tour in 2013, Evanston Made has grown into an initiative impacting hundreds of artists.

Below are some of the Evanston Made milestones worth noting:

  • Launch community arts initiative to create awareness and appreciation for Evanston’s creatives

  • Cultivate community partners (civic & private) like Evanston Art Center, Evanston Arts Council & AnoMalY

  • Create board of volunteers to focus on sustaining the initiative and transition to 501c3 status

Check Evanston Made out:

Pictured left to right in the image above; Jennifer Presant, Fran Joy, Joe Taylor and Heather Hancock. Photos by Chris Bradely.

Flyer on left created by Evanston Art Center, 2017